The cinema wants to offer customers a convenient way to buy tickets.


Design a mobile application for the purchase of movie tickets.

My role

UX Designer




In a first written paper (preliminary work for the bachelor thesis), a first concept for the development of the platform was elaborated. The study of similar projects has identified the key functionalities and features that such a platform should have.

From the research and joint requirements development with the client, the requirements for the future system were derived and a digital prototype of the data collection process was developed.

The concept was implemented as part of the bachelor thesis. The content management system WordPress was used as the core system of the platform. The missing functionalities, i.e. the interactive map, the data collection form, the photopost pages as well as the administration functionalities were developed as a plugin called “Lensmark”.


Interactive Map
Timelapse Player
About Page
Plugin-specific settings
Photopost Metadata
Submission Monitoring
Photopost Management

Learn more

How should a platform for citizen-science be structured?

A summary written by the Förderverein Region Gantrisch about the bachelor thesis.

Curious what the final result looks like live?

On this demo website, the developed platform can be tested. For the submission of new photo data, more information is needed. The prototype only serves to view the data already collected.